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Diagnostics Automation E A Ltd. is a leading regional entity focused on Laboratory and Medical products amongst others. The Company's products leverage is its strengths in both semi and fully automated instrumentation, Reagents, Consumables and Disposables, and Medical Products to bring efficiency to researchers, hospitals, NGOs, manufacturing processes and commercial laboratories.

Incorporated in 2003 as a privately owned company, Diagnostics Automation E A Ltd. has its Head Office in Nairobi Kenya with presence in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan

Our products employ patented technologies to fit all workloads; technologies, which we believe will change and sharply advance their different fields of use.

Our management and scientists, engineers and senior technical staff with many years of experience have broadened our initial product platform and have successfully focused on commercialization of innovative products and solutions.

The Company is expanding its core expertise into markets, including but not limited to Flow cytometry, hematology, clinical chemistry, immunology, microbiology, PCR, processing etc..

Our employees take pride in our customers’ contributions to medical science and to improving the lives of patients and are especially aware of the role we play in providing our customers with products and services which enable them to carry out their mission to provide better healthcare.

True to our motto, “WE DO SCIENCE”.

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