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The First, Open, Fully-Automated, Multi-Test, Multi-Batch, Immunoassay System

Triturus® is a completely open and fully automated enzyme immunoassay analyzer. Using 96 well-plates, it can perform a variety of different assays on a group of samples and process several consecutive batches simultaneously.

Triturus® is a highly flexible system that offers the most efficient approach to automation of the ELISA workload.





Fully Automated

Triturus® perfoms all steps of any microplate EIA assay,including:

  • Sample dilution and dispensing
  • Incubation
  • Washing
  • Reagent addition
  • Absorbance reading
  • Calculation and interpretation of results

Completely Open

 Triturus® permits the programming and performing of all steps of any micro-well EIA test, independently of the manufacturer of the assay.

 Triturus® is the only system with 2 needles, which increase the performance.

Multi-Test Capability

Triturus® can perform simultaneously up to 8 different tests per batch on a given sample or group of samples.

Multi-Batch Capability

Triturus®  can independently schedule several consecutive groups of tests. New work batches can be loaded while other batches are being processed.

Computer Interfacing

Triturus® allows for a bi-directional host communication and on-line connection for data management and reporting.

Quality Control

 The quality control program records the evolution of data processed on Triturus® using Westgard Multirules procedure.

 Triturus accepts an unlimited number of QC protocols according to the needs of the user.

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