Diagnostics Automation


Hematology & ESR


Laser light multi-dimensional cell classification...[Brochure]


Support USB data backup;System upgrades and diagnosis by remote control;Support omnibus data search ...[Brochure]



High performance with new appearance...[Brochure]

URIT-3000 Plus

Large color LCD display & Linux operation system...[Brochure]

URIT-2900 Plus 

Large color LCD display & Linux operation system ...[Brochure]


Up to 60 samples/hour;Ultra-low clog rate;Concise and compact design;Easy keyboard operation...[Brochure]


High precision sample collecting system;Ultra-low clog rate Cyanide free reagent;Different colors for selection...[Brochure]


Hematology reagent.

ESR in 20 Seconds

Alifax ESR analysers are the only ones capable to provide results in 20 seconds by measuring red blood cells aggregation.

With elegant precision the CAPILLARY PHOTOMETRY TECHNOLOGY overcomes the variables and limitations of the sedimentation method also listed in the CLSI document*.

  • Results highly correlated to the Westergen reference method
  • In accordance with CLSI requirements*
  • 1000 Readings for each sample per test
  • Use of the same EDTA tube coming from the CBC
  • 175 μl of blood
  • Self-cleaning without contamination
  • Self-checking of reading sensors and physical obstacles
  • Data Transmission to LIS
  • Efficiency and precision
  • Standardization and reproducibility
  • Certainty of results

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