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Auto40 Flow Cytometer

The Fight Against HIV/AIDS

With tens of millions of HIV infected people across the world, there is an urgent need for high quality, reliable and easy to use CD4 counters.

CD4+ T-Lymphocytes are the primary target of HIV, and as such are depleted in number as the disease progresses. Flow cytometry is the standard method for monitoring patients’ CD4 count and thereby determining the course of treatment.

The Auto40 is a quality flow cytometer with automated cluster analysis for CD4 and CD4% readings, but it is not limited to CD4 counting. Options are available for monitoring cells expressing many other antigens: CD45 for total lymphocytes, CD3, CD8, CD38,...

In addition to side scatter, the instrument offers the flexibility of up to 3 fluorescence detectors allowing for future changes in your requirements.

The Auto40’s volumetric sampling system avoids errors introduced by counting beads (when mixed with blood) and the purified water sheath fluid system allows use of your own laboratory water to save cost.

Auto40 Features

  • Automated CD4 and CD4%
  • Volumetric sampling system avoids errors introduced by unreliable counting beads
  • Purified water sheath system - use your own laboratory water
  • Thermostable reagents for CD4 and CD4%
  • Rugged design proven in military environments
  • Automatic cluster detection algorithm to minimise operator effort and variability
  • A single platform solution with full flow cytometer functionality
  • Full access to complete flow cytometry data sets (.fcs file format)
  • Alignment free and self cleaning
  • Easy to use, compact and reliable

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