Diagnostics Automation


A50-Micro Flow Cytometer

New A50-MiniFCM Flow Cytometer


For extreme small particle applications...

  • Sensitivity below 150nm (latex beads)
  • 20nm resolution (latex beads)
  • 9 fluorescence colors
  • 3 light scatter detectors
  • 3 lasers
  • High speed - up to 100k events/sec. (requires optional "full-digital" electronics)
  • Volumetric sample system gives absolute count (avoids troublesome beads)
  • Built in PC with Windows XP & remote assistance option


  • Microbiology
  • Cell microparticles
  • Virus
  • Nanoparticles

Technical Data

Installation Requirements:


W32 x H48 x D48cm


Approx. 30kg


100-240VAC, 50/60Hz


No special requirements

Operating Environment

5 to 35 degrees Centigrade



Up to three lasers: 375nm, 405nm, 488nm, 532nm, 635nm or almost any other commercially available wavelength.

Optical Filter Blocks

Custom designed to meet your needs

Light Scatter Optics

Choice of one, two or three detectors
Sensitivity: 50-Micro: < 150nm latex spheres
Resolution: 20nm latex sphere diameter resolution

Fluorescence Optics

Up to 9 colour simultaneous detection with software compensation

Optical Detectors

High numerical aperture immersion lens detection optics
High performance photomultiplier tubes on all channels



Volumetric sample injection
Adjustable sample aspiration volume, 100-400µl (smaller and larger volumes available on request)
Selectable, precise sample flow rate from 0.7 to 150µl/min
Optional automatic sampling from 96 well plates or microcentrifuge tubes


Choice of Closed loop ultra-pure sheath fluid system or refillable sheath tank with level sensor

Sample Range

Sample concentrations up to 109 per ml

Data Management:


Fast electronics: Up to 100,000 events per second (requires new 'full-digital' electronic option)
Threshold software selectable on all channels with 'AND' or 'OR' logic
Pulse height and pulse area measurements on all channels
Event time stamp for each particle
18 bit data acquisition (5 logarithmic decades)
Internal PC with Windows XP operating system
Optional external desktop or laptop PC (LAN connection).


Histogram resolution software selectable from 32 to 65535
Display modes: linear and/or logarithmic gain selection for each parameter
Unlimited number of histograms and cytograms
Amorphous regions of interest (gates)
Gating using AND, OR and NOT logic
RATIO parameter configurable for any 2 detectors
User configurable auto-cycle
Gain and subtraction settings adjustable during and after acquisition
FCS 2.0 compatible files storage, and storage in 11 or 16 bit format
Export of statistics from multiple files to Microsoft Excel
Export of histogram data in '.csv' format
Quick copy to clipboard feature for datagrams.

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