Diagnostics Automation



Rugged Flow Cytometers for Military Use

A40-Military Flow Cytometer

The US Army chose Apogee technology to replace their previous flow cytometers because it delivers the best small particle sensitivity.

The A40-Military screens for pathogenic bacteria and requires virtually no operator training. Its sensitivity and automated detection algorithm allows bacteria to be rapidly distinguished from harmless debris (smoke particles, dust etc). Results are displayed on the instrument display and full histogram data sets are automatically stored for analysis later if needed.






A40-Military Flow Cytometer

  • Fully automatic data analysis
  • Optional automated fluorescent labeling
  • Volumetric sample injection
  • High light scatter sensitivity
  • High fluorescence sensitivity
  • High numerical aperture immersion optics
  • Weight approx 25kg
  • Dimensions 30 x 45 x 45cm
  • Rugged, reliable construction

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